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I also do researches. 

As part of my job as lecturer and my passion for knowledge,
I have done some researches on illustration and designing
under my full name, Iwan Gunawan.

Below here are some of my latest works.



Visual Design for the Universe of Comics



This is my research about comic in Indonesia. Images are not shown due to confidential matter.



Multi-culturalism in Indonesian Comics 2012


This is my research about the multi-culturalism in Indonesia and its influence to the comics in 2012. Images are not shown due to confidential matter.



Gambar Yang Kiri


This is a book review about the "Indonesia's Left Movement History for Beginners" in 2016 along with comics and illustrations. 



Asian Comics


This is a book review of "Asian Comics" by John A. Lent (2015).

Language: Indonesian

Pages: 3



Punakawan: Budaya, Kritik & Komik


This is an introduction of 'Punakawan', the jesters in Indonesian wayang.

Language: Indonesian

Pages: 6



Indonesian Comic Strips


Localities in Global Popular Media without pictures.

Language: English

Pages: 7 (original document has 24 pages)


Ilustrasi Sosok Manusia Dalam Iklan Sebagai Wahana Propaganda

This is a semiotic paper of the human figure in advertising as a vehicle of propaganda.

Language: Indonesian

Pages: 20


Sejarah Perkembangan Komik Indonesia

Introduction to the history of Indonesian comics development.

Language: Indonesian

Pages: 60


Membaca 'Gelap-Terang' Teguh Santosa

'Reading' the comic style of Indonesian comic artist Teguh Santosa.

Language: Indonesian

Pages: 9


Peneguhan Gaya Teguh Santosa

Affirming the comic style of Indonesian comic artist Teguh Santosa; the extreme gesture and scene momentum.

Language: Indonesian

Pages: 5


Profile of Mansyur Daman

Interview with Indonesian comic artist/illustrator Mansyur Daman

Language: Indonesian

Pages: 4


The Transformation of R.A. Kosasih's Mahabharata Wayang Comics Design

Comparison of the 1955 version with the 1975 version.

Language: English

Pages: 21


Petruk-Gareng in Three Musketeers, A Strategy To Gain Popularity

Iwan Gunawan, Sonya Sondakh

Language: English

Pages: 6


Book Review: Asian Political Cartoon by John A. Lent

Language: English and Indonesian

Pages: 4



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